12 Incredibly Useful Video Tips to Make Better Videos #BaselineMarketing

Being on camera can be a scary thing!

Learning to be better on camera, through these useful video tips, can give you more confidence to move into traditional video. In this article, I’m focusing on useful video tips for traditional video but some of them will help with live streaming video as well. Being on camera is only one aspect of traditional video but baby steps are good for a new process.

Here are some useful video tips:

  1. Whenever you don’t know what to say, take a breath.
  2. Talk loudly, quickly, and energetically. You aren’t reading a book, you’re trying to engage someone in thirty seconds so they will stick around and watch your video.
  3. ALWAYS look into the camera! If you find yourself looking away, take a deep breath and start the sentence over again.
  4. Smile.
  5. Move around in between sentences. It makes the video more visually intriguing.
  6. Don’t be afraid to re-do words and sentences. If it isn’t live, you can just edit it out.
  7. If you replay it and the footage isn’t good, reshoot it.
  8. Break the video into sections where you change the topics. This is where jump cuts can be edited in for transitions. This can give you a chance to review the footage and see if you need to retake anything or add footage.
  9. Remember that you’re going to want an end screen. Film this separately. This is where you put your thank you and your call to action to like the video and subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  10. Check out people who make video content in your area of expertise. What do you like? What don’t you like? Take these things into consideration when you’re filming.
  11. [clickToTweet tweet=”Write an outline for your video script. ”Write an outline for your video. Being organized will help you create better content.”] This will help with the ummms and fumbling.
  12. Use the rule of thirds for being in the frame. You shouldn’t be centered.

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