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Everyone loves the idea of being a boss but due to high risks involved, one may not be willing to break out of their comfort zone.  While starting out as an employer, many times your former colleagues keep an eye on you, since many of them think you can’t do it. It’s true though you have to fully understand the line of your business and the competition in that field. Heading your own self-made organisation, you have to be very competent and make sure your profits are more than the production cost or else your business will shut down.

As hard as it may seem, a boss does get to enjoy the benefits of that position, which are different from those who are employed. Let’s take a look at some of this satisfactions of being a director:

  1. You make the rules

When you are employed you do what laws and regulations of that organisation dictate, but when its your business you define how you want your organisation to be run. As the head of that business you make rules that make your organisation run smoothly to get credible results at the end of the day.

  1. Independence

When you are self employed you don’t have to be afraid of your boss throwing tantrums at you. One gets to make decision on their own. A boss has a free will to decide on what he or she thinks its good for the business and also one can explore more without anyone questioning.

  1. Employment protection

Unlike employees who would have no job if the organisation closes down, being the head of your job guarantees you a job as long as you are in business.

4. Work-life balance

Being a boss, you get to have the freedom of having flexible working hours  and you get time to balance family and work life. When employed you have to have permission and a good reason as to why you are not present during working hours.

  1. Ability to retire as per your choice

When your are your own boss you decide on when to retire, since no documents are holding you back or making you work when you don’t want to.

  1. Diverse learning experience

One has to have a lot of knowledge when heading people and also experience in their field so that your business can grow. When you are a boss you have to be ahead of your employees so learning new things and also listening to different people in business helps you to grow as a manager.

In today’s society it seems that many people are gravitating towards a more entrepreneurial approach rather than looking for white collar jobs. Hence whether it’s the mama mboga or a movie shop owner,  the society has come to appreciate a more proactive role in youths taking up opportunities instead of waiting for chances to be handed to them.

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