Android Apps that are a must have for every Kenyan Undergraduate Student

Campus life appears fun and colorful from afar. The frequent campus themed entertainment events and high key career fairs, attended by thriving regional and international corporates are some of the perks that undergraduate students enjoy. However, what outsiders don’t see is the bulk of challenges students have to face in pursuit of academic brilliance.

Kenya’s undergraduate population struggles with overwhelming workloads, challenging courses, scarce accommodations and rare internship opportunities. As if not enough, most campus libraries and computer laboratories are inadequately equipped. Fortunately, the Android wave that has swept over all continents carries good tidings that have improved the lives of campus students. For instance, the default Google Maps app in Android smartphones has enabled students locate job interview venues effectively, than relying on touts and good Samaritans for directions.

Default email applications pre-installed in every Android device have enabled students to access and share class notes effortlessly. A decade ago, Kenyan campus students who lacked personal computers had to rely on cyber cafés. Apart from being expensive, students languished in horror whenever abrupt power blackouts vaporized assignments just minutes to the submission deadline. Nowadays, students can edit and submit their term papers anywhere anytime as long as there’s sufficient battery power and access to internet.

Here are 5 Android apps which will make you enjoy a holistic and fulfilling campus experience

1.     Dragon Mobile Assistant

Nuance Communications launched this personal assistant app in 2012. Its purpose is to schedule all your important tasks and commitments in an organized way, which will enable you, spend your day efficiently. This app is also popular with C.E.Os and high profile entrepreneurs who lead very demanding lives.

Dragon Mobile Assistant can be activated using voice command even when your phone’s screen is off and locked. Once activated, it will take notes while you speak. This feature comes quite in handy whenever the lecturer verbally highlights topics to study for the next continuous assessment test or end of semester exams. Whenever you have multiple assignments to submit, you can count on Dragon Mobile Assistant to schedule your emails so you won’t be penalized by your lecturer for late submission.

2.     ANZA Real Estate App

Do you struggle booking a hostel room at the beginning of every semester? ANZA real estate app will liberate you from your struggles through its wide array of affordable real estate options. This app was launched by ANZA Real Estate listing site in 2013. Its purpose is to enable Kenyans find genuine rental houses and flats on a secure and easy to use online platform.

You can find bedsitters, one and two bedroom flats that suit your budget and spatial requirements. ANZA real estate app provides property agents and owners’ direct contacts. In addition, you also get to view pictures of the advertised property to confirm whether the listed features are present or not.

3.     Chegg Textbooks & Study Help

It’s frustrating whenever one has to complete a term paper without adequate textbooks for research purposes. As an undergraduate student, you can gain access to a massive online library that’s more equipped than all libraries in Kenyan universities.  Chegg Inc. launched Chegg Textbooks & Study Help in 2016 to enable university students gain access to highly affordable textbooks and academic solutions.

Students can rent online textbooks for days and weeks at 90 percent less the buying price of the text book. This app also provides academic tips that will enable students score highly in their assignments and exams.

4.     BrighterMonday App

Undergraduate students seeking internship opportunities or part time jobs need this app because it’s currently the most reliable employment linking source in Kenya. Brighter Monday Kenya job listing website launched this app in 2017, since more than 50 percent of its members access their profiles through smartphones.

BrighterMonday app has push notification feature which alerts users whenever an employer posts a job that suits their preferences.  As a member, you can edit your profile conveniently without having to log in to your account using a computer.

5.     Jumia Online Store App

Are your university’s computer labs so overcrowded that you type all your assignments in a cyber café? It’s high time you downloaded Jumia App on your phone and get the best offers on brand new laptops and tablets. Jumia Kenya Online Store launched their shopping app in 2015 to enable Kenyans enjoy online shopping using various Android devices.

Jumia offers a wide variety of brands to choose from. You can also set push notifications to receive alerts whenever a laptop or tablet that’s within your purchasing power hits the market. Jumia allows customers to pay for goods on delivery to allow them to inspect the product before making the purchase.


Final Thoughts

You can download the 5 apps mentioned above for free from Android’s PlayStore. Having a mobile personal assistant will help you prioritize your tasks in a rational way that ensures you never miss deadlines.  Make the right move today and download these Android apps.

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