The Best Kenyan Mission In the World

There are certain habits that are common to Kenya. One of the most common is the tea culture. It could be in the middle of January, the sun at its highest and people are just about willing to risk sticking it to morality and walk naked. Still, of you walked into any Kenyan home, a thermos flask will be brought out and a piping hot cup of tea will be served to you.

A culture that is a cultivated sign that you are welcome in that home. An honorable guest, they’ll say. And that is how travel should end, whether it is from one continent to another or from one door to the other. Speaking of journeys, if you threw a stone in the air today, 9 out ten chances are it will land on someone who’s social bio reads; travel’ or ‘loves to travel’.

Some people do it for the culture, some have never gone beyond the last stage of the matatu but for other people, the sky, airports and the road are part and parcel of their lifestyles. Like beasts of the savannah, they are constantly on the move. Contrary to that one minute Instagram, ‘goals’ video, or the filtered photos that only paint the glorious fun, travelling is not always like that.

Jetlag, cramped muscles, lost luggage and a bad reception in the foreign country are just a few of the numerous problems on a list most frequent travelers will easily relate to, which is why I’m sure a reliable embassy can make a man shed tears of joy. This is exactly how Mr. Abdinassir felt in Thailand. A warm and accommodating Kenyans in Thailand business community who were nothing but friendly.

In a country, oceans apart from home, the Charge d’affaires Madam Jeniffer Njiru, the Second Counsellor Mr. Sebastian Ileli and the Trade and Investment Officer Mr. Pannawat Kosayodom brought out the thermos for him. He felt home.

In all the over 50 countries he has travelled to, this experience will be one for the books.

As with all good travel stories, this one has to be retold. To children at bedtime, to friends over a scotch on the rocks, to strangers on the internet and to the relevant authorities if possible. If this is kind of treatment that is referred to in one good turn deserves another, then it should be a turn that should be felt internationally.

In fact, if this happened in the United Kingdom or The United States of America, imagine the rapport that they would build. If there is a suggestion box for upgrades, then I’m dropping a note in one that suggests their statuses deserve to be elevated to a first world country. Say a diplomat or an ambassador? I think would be a very good thing if this thermos served tea in higher places around the world.

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