Beware #Sarahah Social site is not safe!

Everything comes with two sides and we always get our hands on the brighter one forgetting the other darker side. We are getting awesome messages From #Sarahah which are brightening our days and making us happy. Girls are getting proposals from guys who they don’t even know! guys are getting some trolls from their friends and some are getting cute messages. In short, everything is good, after all, it is just a mobile app which has been made with the purpose of fun and enjoyment. mmmh!
These sites are dangerous. some Minds and hearts are vulnerable, especially for those of us who are already struggling with self esteem. Your friends do not need to hide behind a screen or keyboard to give you a “constructive feedback.” Sarahah opens doors to cyber bullying, and from there it’s undetermined.
Imagine this, you slept with this beautiful girl yesterday without protection and Today you get a message on Sarahah that she’s HIV Positive! Imagine some anonymous guy texts you that your wife or your husband is cheating on you!
Imagine a Friend Just sitting next to you texts your parents that you have had an accident and you are dead!
This App is the worst social media App ever to be invented! This thing is going to break up many marriages, cause emotional stress and even death!
Have a look at these messages! Thay are in my sarahah messages.
Apart from this we are in the world where Technological inventions are fighting each other, soon this thing is going to embarrass alot of people. Some programmers are working day and night to come up with the code to reveal the Names, Phone numbers, Facebook profiles and emails attached to this anonymous messages!
Imagine All the -ve things you have said anonymously to your friends! Imagine all the secrets will be out then, The next this is we are now going to create a society of mistrust among friends and relatives!
Yes I am on #sarahah with #moseax as the username but I am just doing a social experiment and I am used now to social media backlash! If you know you have a weak heart do not join this site. Even if you are strong enough to withstand a possibly cruel messages, know that others may not have your resilience do not spread negative messages Remember You may save a Life by deleting this App from your phone!
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