Check your Electricity Bill Via SMS or Online Through Email

In addition to the use of Mpesa KPLC paybill number to buy electricity tokens, one can use the E-bill to check KPLC bill via phone and through e-mail.

The E-bill electronic querying system returns results about your KPLC account balance and the next due date for your electricity bill via SMS. In addition, one can check KPLC bill via phone and get the results through e-mail. This procedure might be a little slower than using the SMS option.

To check KPLC bill online via e-mail, send a blank e-mail to the address Put the first part of your KPLC account number in the e-mail’s subject field. KPLC E-bill service will send an automatic reply to your e-mail address.

Steps to Check KPLC Bill via Phone

Get your KPLC account balance and electricity bill due date through SMS by following these simple steps:

  1. Create a new message on your phone
  2. Enter the first part of your KPLC account number as the message For Example, 332211 for an account number 332211-02
  3. Send the message to 95551
  4. You will receive an SMS message from KPLC’s E-bill system with your electricity account details!


  • The SMS is charged at Ksh 5 above normal SMS rates.
  • The E-bill service works for all phone networks in Kenya
  • Confirm your details before sending the SMS to avoid sending multiple SMS that are each charged at Ksh 5 above normal rates.
  • The E-bill does not replace the usual KPLC bill delivery. Normal sending of your electricity bill continues – via your postal office address.

Another option is to use Easypay system that allows KPLC payments through the Equity Bank, Co-operative Bank, Standard Chartered, National Bank etc. Simply use E-bill to check KPLC account balance on your phone and receive tokens bought using M-pesa within minutes. KPLC gives their customers these multiple options to pay and check KPLC bill via phone, and online via e-mail.

You can also register online to receive the KPLC monthly bill via your email.

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