There’s something about a young soul dying. The sadness isn’t defined but it’s different. It is deeper, unfulfilled.

We’ve all read about this beautiful young girl, Ivy Wangechi. If you haven’t, just google her name and you will see posts and tweets about her gruesome death. I did not know her personally. It’s unfortunate this is how I get to know about her. I would have loved to have known her as Doctor Ivy Wangechi but she was robbed from blossom.

I produced a National radio show three years ago. I was young and inexperienced but I understood the responsibility. My purpose was to showcase talent. I didn’t achieve as much as I wanted to but I did what I could at that time. One thing that I was very keen on was ensuring that we had all the information we needed to about an issue or a story. We cannot be ignorant when it comes to conveying information especially to God knows how many people.

Didge, A Homeboyz radio presenter recently made ignorant, insensitive remarks about the young lady when he stated that she deserved to die because she was not loyal. What’s even more appalling is that this man has a daughter and upon further research I found out that he has lost a child. Let’s make it clear, No one deserves to die. It isn’t for us to say who stays and who goes. There’s someone out there who needs that person to live. A daughter, mother, father, friend or child. I believe that this man felt extremely comfortable making those remarks because he has made them before without any consequences. People hide behind the statement ‘I’m just being real” No!! You are being ignorant because you did not know them personally neither did you understand the dynamics of their relationship. You heard a story, went through a few posts and then bam!! Decided that she was too horrible that she deserved to die? Seriously? Seriously ‘Saa Zingine’ Didge?

I am not completely informed but with the very little knowledge I have and with the outcome of events the past few years I have concluded that our Media has No purpose and No cause. You can clearly see it with the music they play, their personalities that break news every now and then for the wrong reasons, the topics discussed on radio without solid solutions and trending topics. Kendi Ashitiva, Woman with a strong cause BTW!!!, made comments about the situation and she said that we should be careful what we consume. What about what is produced? Do you think if the media was a tad bit responsible to produce content that would speak life into millions of consumers, it would make a difference? Let me give you the perfect example. There’s a song called ‘Takataka’. This song has a million views on YouTube. We laughed when this song broke the internet but think about it. This young man spoke of going to see a witch doctor so that the lady who rejected him would die and he would gladly go to the girl’s funeral. This song trended for days. Blogs, entertainment blogs, interviews, reaction videos and a few people covered this song. Let’s come back to reality for a second. Ivy Wangechi died because she rejected a man she did not want. She was axed to death.

If you have the power, you have the responsibility and the universe will hold you accountable. You may think it has nothing to do with you but maybe, just maybe that young man was listening, watching you speak and you made a comment that demeaned women. A comment that comforted his feeling of anger towards this young woman. Maybe he was scrolling down your page and saw something that allowed him to feel entitled to this woman. Maybe just Maybe. You may hide behind the microphone, the cameras, your office and your title but the universe will hold you accountable. You have the social responsibility the minute you go live and talk to hundreds, thousands and millions of people. It has everything to do with you. You have the power to start the process of healing.

We all have a social responsibility. Do not be ignorant. It might be your daughter, son, sister, brother, friend or even worse YOU.






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