Digitisation of vehicle insurance info overdue

Insurance companies are losing billions of shillings every year due to false claims, according to media reports.

Technology has helped Kenya to control crime. Car theft syndicates have reduced due to the online services offered by the eCitizen platform at the click of a button.

They include business registration, vehicle ownership transfer, driving licences, immigration documents, marriages and civil registration.

Insurance companies have not digitalised fully and this has given brokers and smugglers an avenue for exploitation.

Lack of digitisation has made vehicle owners, assessors and insurance players manage fraud schemes undetected.

These include multiple insurance policies since there is no common platform to share details.

Declaring vehicle as write-offs should also be digitised and the assessment report shared online.

Insurance firms should provide details of vehicle ownership, date of manufacture, insurance status and driver’s licence number online, accessible to all insurers, police and other citizens.

An attempted transaction on your vehicle, be it searches or transfer, should trigger an SMS alert to the owner. Ditto for accidents.

Insurance agents and brokers should be made public as a back-up to the Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) records and reduce cases of vehicle theft, false claims and tax evasion.

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