DIL.AFRICA is a fast growing e-commerce platform that offers manufacturers, distributors and suppliers the opportunity to sell their products online. Our mission is to provide the world’s best customer experience through continuous innovation and linkages. As a result, DIL.AFRICA is targeting reliable suppliers who have a wide variety of products ensuring that customers get the best quality commodities and in a timely manner.

We have  leveraged  on latest technology  to  ensure  that  our  customers  get  high quality  products. We do this by subjecting the products to quality assurance measures, ensuring all products are standardized. This coupled by our extensive logistics network throughout the country, ensures that customers get maximum satisfaction, making them more likely to buy again and refer others. DIL.AFRICA is a fetching platform where businesses can expand their online presence and boost sales. The registration process is easy and straightforward.



We do country wide delivery of products. In Nairobi, we do deliveries within 6hrs while outside Nairobi we deliver within 24 hours. We’re continually  innovating,  collaborating  with  players  in  the  market to  reduce  the  turnaround  time  for  every  order.

We deal in a wide variety of products ranging from televisions, laptops and computers, phones and tablets, men’s and women’s fashion, hair care products, makeup and cosmetic products, perfumes, as well as books.

DIL.AFRICA also seeks to solve some of the problems customers face when buying online such as;

  • Long delivery times
  • Not receiving exactly what you ordered
  • Poor quality of goods


Our business model is pretty straightforward and attractive to our vendors.  Based  on  a product  category, we charge a commission  per  sale   for  every  sale  that  has been  delivered .

For more information on our commission structures, refer to


DIL.AFRICA has a simple return process. Although there are minimum return cases, DIL.AFRICA allows return of a product in case of accidental damages by us or if the customer wishes to make a return and the product is in the same good condition. However Upon delivery a customer is expected to check and confirm if indeed the delivered product is the ordered one. However, DIL.AFRICA does not allow the return of a product after the customer has tampered with its original condition whatsoever. Compensation may be issued to a customer in form of a voucher to a customer whose order has been mistaken with little hope of replacement.


DIL.AFRICA  is powered by  a  team  that  has  decades  industry  experience  in  retail  management, computing, research ,logistics  and  marketing. Our experience coupled by a diverse team  is  poised  to  make  your  brand and  products  much  more  visible  to the  customer  and also  conversion  of  sales  using  our sales  channels.

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