From The BEST To the WORST Business to Invest in, In Nakuru, In Less than a Year!

There is high school tea level of dilution and then there is Nakuru app taxi level! The COPY CAT MENTALITY In this  small town is killing Everything! it’s like everywhere you turn there is a new cab service that launched overnight. From the pioneer Wasili to Safiri, (which for some strange reason gets called Chrome in my head) to Flexi cabs and Bomba ride among others, the county has experienced the launch of at least 10 app based taxi services in less than a year.

I tell you buroti maguta maguta has nothing on these companies. At this point, it begs the question, as a county with one main street, can we afford that many taxi services? We literally have a cluster of residential areas on the outskirts, like Mawanga, Whitehouse, Lanet, Shabaab and London.
In these areas, town service matatus charge between 30-50ksh which is quite affordable for many working class people. I agree, taxis are convenient and comfortable but in my opinion, it is like at this point, they are clamouring for customers. By 7PM, you can notice them lined up on Kenyatta Avenue waiting for even physical hailing.
After running a survey among my friends and determining they mostly have one app, the leading brand, and others have at least two, I can safely conclude the battle field looks bleak for the new entrants. And they won’t stop launching.
I wonder, do we have enough distance around the county to justify the bloom? For a shorter dash around town, would you prefer a nduthi, a tuk tuk or a taxi? For those taking loans to buy the cars, what happens if the market floods? I feel like this is another quail tsunami coming for these companies and their drivers. And the economic ripple this will cause a lot of trouble.
Ni Hayo tu kutoka kwangu! What do you think?

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