How to Get over 10% twitter Engagement Rate from the normal 0.7%! #BaseLineMarketing

How to Get over 10% twitter Engagement Rate from the normal 0.7%!

The average Twitter engagement is always  0.7%. To make sure you are above this, You Must:

1. Choose your topic carefully

First of all, you’ve got to know how Twitter works. I’ve spent a few years on the platform with my personal account. Much of that time I have spent watching from the sidelines.

And I noticed that Twitter is great for three things:

  1. News
  2. Expert insight into specific topics
  3. Light-hearted relief

So you have to come with something that fits at least two of these three things. Look for the gaps in the market. Look for the conversations that aren’t being had. And then start those conversations.

2. Post engaging content

Twitter growth is simple when you think about it.

You post cool stuff. People retweet it. More people see it, and follow you.

You don’t need to make it any more complicated than that. That means your number one priority is to post cool stuff!

Social Media Examiner explains that you’ll get 150% more retweets if you post an image. So make sure that every tweet must have an image attached.

Make sure every single tweet has value. Make it an interesting photograph, a useful piece of data, or a link to something valuable. If it’s not worth saying, don’t say it.

You can also boost engagement by asking questions, keeping your tweets short, and actively asking for retweets.

3. Tweet less (yes, really)

There’s a weird myth that high-volume tweeting produces a better engagement rate. It’s just wrong. (Again, Social Media Examiner will back me up). Tweeting too much drowns out the important things you’re saying. And it dilutes your content. It might annoy people too.


Stick to at most 5 tweets a day, You can try a few more, but keep it to a minimum. Don’t overwhelm your audience, and don’t drown your content!

4. Start following people

Okay, remember , you are not Beyonce, Jay Z or Kim Kardrshian! But how do you get those first followers?

I found this super tricky too. In fact, the first 100 followers are the hardest you’ll ever get. It took me a little while to figure out the secret, but it’s really easy.

Just start following people. That’s it.

Make a list of Twitter accounts that have a target audience that you want, and save them to your ‘lists’.

Now, load up the last few tweets from those accounts. Then follow anyone who favorited, retweeted, or commented on it. These are the most active and engaging followers, and you want them!

Between 30%-40% will usually follow you back. That’s the beauty of Twitter – most people are happy to follow.



Don’t go crazy here. If you follow more than 500 people in a day, Twitter starts to get suspicious. Any more than this, and you’re just spamming people. You can (and will) be suspended from Twitter if you go too far.

But general following is fine. It’s encouraged.

I got to Where it is Today, By Simply following People, There’s No magic in this! And also Get active on other peoples tweets!

If Marketing expert, Neil Patel, has taken the time to follow 100,000 people! Who are you?


5. Spend 30 minutes doing this every day

Building a Twitter following is a daily activity. You’ve got to be quite relentless about this. Schedule 30 minutes a day to post something cool. Then spend some time following people in your niche.

I did this every day for almost 1 year and I ended up following around 30,000 people, and I got over 50,000 following me those came from retweets and organic growth.

If you think this is a waste of time, look at Neil Patel’s Twitter account above. He has followed 100,000 people since he joined the platform. And no-one would accuse him of wasting precious marketing time!

6. Retweet, favourite and comment

Twitter isn’t just a one-way street. If you don’t join in the conversation, you’re just shouting at the universe. Twitter is a conversation. Get involved.

Retweet useful information that you saw on someone’s timeline. Write a little comment, or just favorite their tweet. Don’t be that guy who just blasts out tweets without response.

7. Set a goal

Nothing happens until you set a goal. So go for it. Think big. Why not shoot for 10,000? Or 100,000? Or a million?

One thing I did wrong…

You need to figure out how your Twitter presence fits into your overall business model. Do you want to drive more sales or web traffic? Do you want to build awareness or tap into a particularly lucrative market?

That’s one thing I didn’t do, and now I’ll have to work backwards to figure out how to use this resource.

Thank you for Reading this

Asanteni sana

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