How to get your Safaricom PUK to unblock your line

It happens that sometime you may lock /block your Safaricom SIM. Mostly your SIM locks when you enter the wrong PIN more than three times. If this happens, you’d be asked to enter your PUK number . The PUK number is usually indicated on the plastic card holder that comes with a new SIM card. So keep it somewhere safe for such instances.

If you do not have this plastic SIM card holder with you, do not fret. Safaricom has another solution for you.

Safaricom has made it possible to unlock your SIM card and keep on connecting.

What you need to unblock/ unlock your Safaricom line 

  • A working Safaricom line (You can use your friends phone)
  • Your mobile phone number
  •  Your ID number or Your PIN ( The ID helps substitute if you had forgotten your PIN)
  • The last top up on your line


The Procedure

  1. Dial *100# on the borrowed phone (Safaricom Phone)
  2. This lands you at Prepay self-care
    Scroll down to menu 98 …
  3. Go to get PUK number
  4. Enter the mobile number of the line you want to get PUK for.
  5. You will be prompted to Enter Id or pin number (the id used to register the line or the pin number of your line)
  6. Provide the last direct top up amount on the line.

Your Safaricom  PUK will be sent to the phone you will be using at that moment. You can use that to change your pin and unblock your Safaricom line.

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