New Mobile App For Salary Advances In Kenya

As you may have discovered by now, adulting is a full time job and getting by is not as easy as the textbooks made it look. More than once, we need to get help when we are stuck. Like when you need fees for your child and the salary is yet to reflect in your account. Or when there’s a flash sale and you really really have to buy that cooker now that it’s finally on offer.

It gets better if you can get the help you need at the click of a button. Well, evolution has brought us apps and money lending has become easier with each passing day. However, it has become quite the task trying to prove which apps are worth a shot and which ones are not.

We have in the recent past the emergence of apps that are unethical when they come calling. There are, however better apps have come to the rescue, not just for instant loans but for salary advances. This is the first of a kind in this industry, at least in this country. The app, Hela, is a revolutionary. Available on Google Play, this app is available to anyone with an android phone,  so basically, everyone.

Gone are the days when you had to carry around a hundred papers, identification cards and recommendation letters from the local chief to just secure a simple salary advance. Make sure you download the right app. It will save you more times than you will count.

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