Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.

My perception of hope changed when I keenly studied about Pandora’s Box (please research on this amazing myth). Pandora let out all evils apart from Hope. I was a bit confused. How is it that one can view hope as an evil? Well, hope doesn’t assure you of anything. It is simply an urge or desire for a particular thing to happen. Faith on the other hand brings it home, faith seals the deal. Having faith means in your mind’s eye you see it and act as if it has happened hence moving on with life without the worry of not having what you hoped for. Hope only goes so far however faith goes all the way.

We constantly hope but how many of us are sure about it? Imagine a single Lady constantly declaring she is engaged and further buying herself a ring to wait upon the ring her fiancé gives her? She may seem crazy to many but that act takes it a step further, the act brings it to life. I remember when I was single I acted as if I wasn’t. I went on dates by myself and would have conversations with my imagined partner (people I am NOT crazy). I wanted to test this act of imagination because when you are sure it simply means you have it and move on to wanting other things. A year down the line I met someone not just anyone but that who was meant for me. My best friend would constantly mention that she is married and pregnant (she wasn’t) she kept visualizing and acting as if it has happened. Eight months later she got married and pregnant, it happened so fast I can’t explain it.

We don’t talk about success enough, we don’t talk about how we became successful. I simply visualize and I continue to visualize through life. I have made strides through visualizing. I see it as if I have it and I’ll live as if it is there. We are powerful beings, don’t only be hopeful be sure that what you want has come to pass. The only disclaimer I would give is intention. Your intention needs to be of purity and love. You cannot wish ill for someone else yet want the best for yourself, the universe doesn’t work that way. Just as you would want for yourself, want for others. Let us visualize, imagine and bring it home by acting as if we have what we need. The universe runs on its own, simply study its laws.


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