Important Benefits of Networking

1. It Allows You to Help Others

One of the most important benefits of networking that people tend to overlook is that it allows you to help other people. Granted, our motives in the professional world are rarely altruistic, but helping someone else with their career goals can be truly rewarding. Think of helping someone get their first job, for example, or putting in a good word to help someone get the promotion they’ve been after for the past two years.

2. Exchange Fresh Ideas

Being on the receiving end of these fresh ideas allows you to introduce new practices in your workplace and more importantly, it helps you remain on top of trends and developments in your industry. This is not just healthy for your employment status, but is also a great first step in your professional growth.

3. Makes You More Visible

One of the advantages of networking is that it helps you become more visible to the right people. Through your contacts, you can gradually become that one person that “knows everyone”, and is asked to make introductions or provide insight on clients, associates and even competitors.

4. Opens Doors to New Opportunities

Precisely because networking makes you more visible, it also opens new doors. From getting approached by recruiters about job opportunities, to getting noticed by people who would like to work with you on a free basis, you never know when an opportunity that can advance your career will present itself.

5. Allows You to Express Opinions

A professional network is there to share opinions about your industry and exchange information. You can discuss industry-related matters that you have been thinking about, as well as ask for advice whenever you reach an impasse.

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