Why you need a social media strategy and how to start one #BaselineMarketing

Social media is all about content. Simple? No. With billions of social media posts going out a day, it’s that much harder for your brand to be discovered. But, there are ways you can make yourself more visible and increase engagement by creating the right content for your socials.

With your strategy in place, you should have a better understanding of what your competitors are doing, and how you want to talk to your audience. Now it’s time for content.

Start with a (content) plan

One of the most important things to do at the start is to identify what are your content pillars. By this, we mean to identify three or four themes to return to over and over again, which gives you a framework for creating content (so you’re never stuck for what to write about) and will also provide consistency for your brand. This means you’re not rambling on about off-brand topics – you’re creating content that is relevant to your company and its tone of voice. For example, if you’re in the camera industry, you might want to have a content pillar that is all about ‘how to take the best pictures’. It’s not directly about selling your products, but is enabling and empowering your customers to make the most out of it. With this as one content pillar, you can flesh out a whole load of content ideas based around ‘how to take the best pictures’. This could end up as videos, blogs, white-papers, tips and trick – whatever. But it’s on a key theme to your company.

The 70:20:10 Approach

Our recommended approach to breaking down your content would be the 70:20:10 approach. So, what does that mean?

70% of your content should be planned content that is building your brand and focused around an ‘always on’ campaign (sticking to your content pillars).

20% should be guided by success, so types of posts that have been popular with your audience and following trends.

10% should be driven by opportunities. These posts are likely to be responsive to current events, things happening in the industry or even events within your offices.

On the whole, you want your social media content to be relevant and discoverable. You need to offer value to your audience to encourage engagement. If your content has no value, then it’ll just disappear down the dreaded newsfeed. To make your content more discoverable, you can be using relevant hashtags, work with influencers or even branch into paid advertising to increase your reach.

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