Do Not Put All Your Focus on Only One Social Media Network #BaselineMarketers

It happens here and there – Facebook goes down, Instagram goes down, then everyone runs to Twitter to figure out what the heck is going on.

There’s a key lesson in this for all businesses – depending on just one form of marketing is neither sustainable nor smart. You don’t own the networks, or the followings you’ve built on them. That’s why you should always have an integrated, multi-channel approach.

Here are some tips and thoughts on spreading your social media following.

Spread Your Social Media Following

It’s totally normal to have one network out-perform the others, whether you’re an influencer or a brand. And if you do well on one, then it’s valuable to concentrate on it in order to generate the best results and also if you’re seeing zero return from a social media network, you should quit it.

Spread your following across more than one network. Why? let’s take the example of Instagram shutting down for 10+ hours. If that is the ONLY network you have, you are put in a tough spot without being able to post or interact.

You should have a presence on multiple social media networks, so that you can spread your social media following. You should also do cross-promoting between each network so you can gain an audience across each of the networks you use (and it’s also a handy tactic to fill in content gaps). If one goes down, you can go to another. The problem is that the two biggest ones (Instagram and Facebook) are owned by Facebook – so both went down. So when choosing which networks to be active on, perhaps take who owns which ones into consideration as well.


Build Your Email List

It’s crazy how many people have huge followings and no email list. Remember that if any network shuts down tomorrow, all your followers on that platform are gone too.

Build up that email list so you still have a connection to people who are fans of your work.

So Instagram Is Down, Now What?

When a network goes down you:

  • Check if it’s just you or everyone. There are websites that track when networks go down, and even a Google search can help you get answers.
  • Take it as a hint to take some time off social OR
  • Get to work on another social media network

At the end of the day, a big social media following, or a huge email list, doesn’t actually build your business. Social media networks can go away tomorrow, and people can unsubscribe from your list. All you can do is try to use these tools in the best way possible.

There is no single path to success, everyone’s process is different – every brand who uses social media will be different, with different strategies and tactics for each one.

Moral of this story – try not to put all your social media eggs in one basket.

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