Prison Break Season 5 is Here,, This is what You Need To Know

All the way back in 2005, Prison Break began with Michael’s complex scheme to break his brother, Lincoln Burrows, out of death row and save his life. In the upcoming Prison Break: Resurrection, Lincoln will have to repay the favor for Michael, as they encounter several old friends, an old adversary, and many deadly threats in a foreign country.

Before Prison Break returns on Tuesday, April 4, we have put together a quick guide to the returning characters from the original series and where they stand as the show resumes seven years after the fourth season finale.

Michael Scofield

Michael was a genius who would go to any lengths to protect his family. He was also extremely ill during the final season, as he attempted to deal with a brain tumor that threatened his life and his impressive mind. During the direct-to-DVD film, Prison Break: The Final Break, Michael was seemingly killed in an explosion. But even if he had lived, Michael’s medical records indicated that he didn’t have much time left.

At the moment, we can’t tell you how or why Michael survived. But we do know that when the series picks up, Michael is once again locked away in a prison far, far from home and he’ll be serving his time under a different name. Clues about Michael’s survival have begun to leak out, and there are forces willing to kill in order to hide the truth about his apparent resurrection. It will also be pointed out many times that one of the few people with the ability to pull off this deception is Michael himself. The real question now is whether Michael is a victim of this conspiracy, or the man holding all of the cards.

Lincoln Burrows
Dominic Purcell

Considering what Lincoln went through in the original series, you may expect that he would have turned his life around by now. Remember, Lincoln was accused of killing the Vice President’s brother, and he was on death row. But rather than reinvent himself, Lincoln has fallen back into a life of petty crime, and he owes a substantial amount of money to local criminals. Yet even with his own life in disarray, Lincoln is still willing to step up and find his brother. Unfortunately, no one else seems to believe that Michael is alive.

On the original series, Lincoln had a son named Lincoln Jr., but there’s no mention of L.J. in the first episode of the new season.

Dr. Sara Tancredi
PB-R_02-Sarah-White_0306_hires2 (1)

Seven years after the series finale, Sara has moved on with her life and married another man. That man is Jacob Ness, and together, they are raising Michael’s son, Michael, Jr. as a family. When the new season picks up, Sara and Lincoln are estranged from each other, in part over her marriage. And while Sara isn’t quick to believe that Michael is alive, she’s clearly ready for a threat against her new family. Unfortunately for Sara, it won’t take long for that threat to materialize.

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell

T-Bag is a murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, and a genuine danger to society. He even escaped from Fox River in an episode of Breakout Kings that aired years after Prison Break ended! It makes absolutely no sense at all for T-Bag to be getting out of prison. However, someone not only pulled the strings to make that happen, but they’ve also sent T-Bag the clues pointing to Michael’s survival and set him up for an experimental procedure that is about as close to science fiction as this show has ever seen.

Benjamin “C-Note” Franklin

Strangely enough, there is no mention of C-Note’s family in the first episode of the new series. But C-Note has fully embraced Islam and he’s reinvented himself as anti-extremist activist. Considering that C-Note was never particularly close to either Michael or Lincoln, his willingness to aid Lincoln’s quest is somewhat surprising. But where they’re going, only C-Note has the skills to help keep them alive.

Fernando Sucre

There is also no word about Sucre’s family in the premiere, but Michael’s best friend from prison will make his presence felt. In the years since the series ended, Sucre has primarily worked on a tramp freighter and traveled the world in part because of his ex-con status. He’s eager to help the brothers, but his time may not come until later in the series.

Paul Kellerman

Kellerman was one of the Company’s original operatives at the beginning of the series, and he was a surprising ally of the brothers and Sara during the second season. When we last saw Kellerman, he helped the group gain their pardons and he seemed to be well on the way to a promising political career. When he resurfaces in these new episodes, Kellerman will be working for the State Department, and he’ll be one of the few people who can grasp what has happened to Michael and why. However, it’s still unclear whether Kellerman can truly be trusted.

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