This is Why Your Twitter Followers Hate You!

Have you noticed that your Twitter followers are dropping each and every day, and  people have started refusing to retweet your stuff? Are you frustrated because you can’t turn your Twitter followers into buyers?

Here are 5 things you could be doing that are causing your Twitter followers to hate you.


  1. You go for the hard sale. Nearly every tweet is a pitch asking people to buy something.


  1. All you do is retweet. You don’t share your own views, opinions, and thoughts


3. You post too many articles. Do you really think that people who are active users on a site that allows only 140 characters per post are interested in reading every single blog or article you come across? Heck no! Too many links to articles scream SPAM!



4. You don’t tweet back. People on Twitter want to engage with you. They don’t want to be ignored. If they suspect that you’re just using them to sell them stuff or to inflate your follower count, they’ll be gone faster than a Twinkie at a Weight Watchers meeting.

5. You dont sound your Age. Seriously, nobody wants to hear a small business post YOLO, abuse people online, post relationship issues and still you want to be called a CEO!

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