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This is the third year of TECNO’s Camon series. The C8 was the first of the series, followed by the C9 gang (which included the smaller C7). And in 2017, TECNO has thrown in the CX. X stands for 10, by the way. Of course, you knew that already. Anyway, our TECNO Camon CX Review is ready. Settle down and enjoy the ride.

Quick Pros And Cons

Before we dive into the full review, here are the key pros and cons of the Camon CX, so you have an idea of what to expect.

Key Features Cons
Super slim, handy body No way to turn off the heads-up notifications by HiOS
Solid design and metallic build Navigation buttons at the bottom of the display take up usable space
Runs Android 7.0 out of the box Wireless hotspot not seen by Windows 7 laptop
Both selfie and rear cameras are really good
USB-OTG for using flash drives and other USB accessories

TECNO Camon CX Review: Hardware/Design

Hands-dowmn, the CAmon CX is a beautiful smartphone. It looks good. Its metallic body feels good. And the very slim profile is a huge plus. TECNO keeps improving in the hardware design space. In addition to the looks, the CX is lightweight.

While it is a dual SIM phone, the CX has a dedicated micro-SD card slot as well, so you do not have to choose between a memory card and a second SIM. The distinctive way that TECNO places the big selfie camera in a central location above the display is nice.

The 5.5 inch display is sharp and bright. It has 2.5D glass on it, which gives it a very nice, refined feel as well. Screen legibility is fair, but when outside in bright sunlight, you have to crank up the display’s brightness at least up to 50%.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Software

This is the first Android 7 Nougat smartphone we are reviewing here at Mobility Arena. The Camon CX is bang up-to-date in terms of software. Well, it is Android 7.0, to be specific and there are devices in the market already running 7.1, but that’s us being finnicky.

Of course, TECNO has its HiOS user interface running on top of Nougat here. Version 2.0 is what is built into the CX. The software interface is smooth and works as it should. There are many extra functionality that HiOS brings to the table. There’s the more extensive drop-down menu giving you quick access to several features. There are screenshot, ultra power, Hi Manager, Boomplay, Freezer, Hi Cloud, and Hi Theme, among others.

We do not like that there is no way to disable the heads-up notifications without turning off all notifications entirely. The ability to blacklist pesky numbers for both calls and SMS is certainly a good feature built into HiOS.

One other niggle we have is how the navigation buttons at the bottom of the display take up usable space on the screen. Not a biggie. It is probably just us.

Android 7’s split screen feature works well on the CX. The display is broken into two sections, one above the other, and you can use apps in both at the same time. No need to switch between apps. We are sure that it would be a much more beautiful experience on a bigger screen. But it is here and works well should you really need to use it.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Network, Telephony

The Camon CX is a dual band GSM phone, meaning it doesn’t support all GSM networks around the world. There is support for 3G and 4G LTE too. TECNO, along with Infinix, are two mobile brands you can depend on to support all 4G LTE networks in the country. The CX does not disappoint. The two brands also make it possible for users to peg their phones to 4G only. Again, the CX lives up to that reputation.

Network reception is good and in-call audio is good as well. Sometimes, one has to move the phone a bit while held to the ear in order to get the best position. This is because the earpiece is a thin horizontal piece at the very top edge of the phone (see photo above). The selfie camera occupies the position where most other phones have their earpiece.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Photography


The TECNO Camon CX has a 16 megapixel rear camera with ring flash. TECNO has been extremely vocal about the quality of the Camon CX camera, even pitting it against the iPhone 7’s camera. There is no better way to sort this out than to pitch it against the Lumia 950, which is still acclaimed as one the best camera phones around today (if not the best).

watch the video below.

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