Following the Westgate terror attack, the government made it mandatory for anyone to present their original ID in order to register a sim card. This was meant to facilitate investigations into whose numbers were used to carry out fraud or perpetrate heinous acts like this.

Today, no one can purchase or register a SIM Card without proper identification and registration. This has greatly helped ensure every sim card in use is accounted for. However, some unscrupulous individuals often take advantage of lost IDs to register sim cards to commit heinous acts. This makes the owners vulnerable.

In light of this, local mobile network operators; Safaricom and Airtel, came up with a simple way for their users to check which phone numbers are registered using their IDs. This enables users to identify and report numbers unknown to them, for investigation.

How to Check and Report Safaricom Numbers Illegally Registered Using Your IDs

Safaricom has introduced a new USSD Code, *106#, for this purpose. This USSD allows users to:

  1. Check numbers registered using their ID.
  2. Report unknown numbers registered using their ID.
  3. Check reported numbers.
  4. Cancel a reported number.

To check the numbers associated with your identification Document, simply:

  1. Dial *106#.
  2. Select 1: Check my numbers.

If you find out that there are numbers unknown to you, then you should:

  • Dial *106# or go back to the home menu.
  • Select option 2: Report unknown number
  • Select the number that you do not know.
  • Double-check and confirm the number for reporting

If you mistakenly reported one of your valid numbers, you can go back to the main menu and select option 4: Cancel a reported number, then select it and confirm.

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