The Linda Mama initiative enables you to access free maternity services at any of the accredited Linda mama hospitals countrywide.

Linda Mama package caters for all basic health services essential to pregnant women as well as infants including antenatal care and postnatal care services.

The cover will pay 100% of all child birth related costs including all the Immunizations as specified in the schedule.

All you need to do is register for free and present your NHIF card to enjoy free services.

Linda mama hospitals in various counties in Kenya

Linda mama hospitals in Nairobi County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
22202576Afya Medical Clinic, Dagoretti Market (Private)Nairobi
8000931Arrow Web Hospital(Private)Buruburu
80002076Bahati Community Hospital(Private)Buruburu
80001931Cana Family Clinic / Resource Centre(Private)Industrial Area
80001434Communal Oriented Services International(Private)Industrial Area
80002239Eagle Health & Clinic Services(Private)Kangemi
80001946Ednah Medical Centre(Private)Eastleigh
8000335Family Access Medical Centre(Private)Ruaraka
8000585Huruma Nursing /Maternity Home(Private)Ruaraka
80001036Imara Health Care Centre(Private)Industrial Area
8000949Jahmii Kipawa Medical Centre(Private)Ruaraka
8000343Jamii Kipawa Medical Centre(Private)Ruaraka
8000664Kayole Hospital(Private)Buruburu
8000411Kayole Provide International(Private)Buruburu
80002094Lengo Medical Clinic(Private)Industrial Area
8000693Maria Maternit. & Nursing Home(Private)Buruburu
80002557Medical Link Integrated Health Programs(Private)Industrial Area
80002097Mikulinzi Nursing Home(Private)Buruburu
80001241Mkunga Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Buruburu
8000342Mundika Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Ruaraka
80001964Muteithania Nursing / Maternity Home(Private)Kangemi
80 00 17 49Mwangaza-Ulio-Na-Tumaini Clinic-Korogocho (FaithBased)Ruaraka
80002221Mwatate Community HealthCare(Private)Industrial Area
80002260Newlight Medical Centre(Private)Ruaraka
80002226Nimoli Medical Services Limited(Private)Industrial Area
80001579Olive Link Healthcare(Private)Industrial Area
8000261Patanisho Maternity /Nursing Home(Private)Buruburu
8000055Pipeline Nursing Home(Private)Industrial Area
8000331Precious Life Medical Centre(Private)Ruaraka
80002198Proact Services Health Centre(Private)Ruaraka
80001708Prudent Medical Centre /Maternity Home(Private)Buruburu
80002199Riversite Medical Clinic(Private)Kangemi
8000869Ruai Family Medical Centre(Private)Buruburu
8000901Samaritan Medical Services(Private)Ruaraka
8000484St.. Patrick Health Care(Private)Buruburu
80002036Zambezi Hospital(Private)Industrial Area
8000857Umoja Hospital(Private)Buruburu
80001554Unity Maternity / Nursing Home-Umoja(Private)Buruburu
8000326Utawala Estate Health Centre(Private)Industrial Area
8000945Victory Hospital LtdBuruburu
80002040Vostrum Kenya Ltd. Toi Clinic(Private)Nairobi
80001959Wema Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Kangemi

Linda Mama Hospitals in Kiambu

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
0018123A.I.C Kijabe Medical Centre-Faith BasedLimuru
22201440African Muslims Agency &Health Centre(Private)Kiambu
22202048Ahadi Health / Maternity Health Services(Private)Kiambu
22201567Akshar Health Care Ltd(Private)Limuru
22201419Assumption Of Mary’ Catholic Dispensary-Faith BasedKiambu
2220875BetaCare Hospital Limited(Private)Kiambu
2224265Comrade Nursing Home(Private)Ruiru
6662711Donyo Sabuk Maternity. & Nursing Home(Private)Kiambu
22201569Holy Family Catholic’ Mission’ Hospital- Faith BasedKiambu
2220021Immaculate Heart Of Mary’ Hospital-Faith BasedKiambu
2220906Kalimoni Mission Hospital-Faith BasedKiambu
2220318Kimende Orthodox Mission Hospital/Centre- Faith BasedLimuru
22202158Limuru Cottage Hospital(Private)Limuru
2220154Limuru Nursing Home(Private)Limuru
22201072Mercy Light Hospital(Private)Kiambu
2220744Mt..Sinai Hospital(Private)Kiambu
2220821Naidu Hospital(Private)Kiambu
22202126Oasis Mission Hospital- FaithBasedKiambu
22202350PEFA’ Mercy Medical Centre(Private)Kiambu
22202345Romkan Medical Centre(Private)Kiambu
2220836Ruiru Private Hospital(Private)Ruiru
2220250St.. Immaculate Heart Hospital’- Faith BasedLimuru
2220832St… Jude Nursing Home(Private)Ruiru
22201949St…Ann Medical Centre(Private)Limuru
2220767St…Teresa Kikuyu’ Maternity & Nursing. Home(Private)Limuru
2220509Sunview Maternity. / Nursing Home(Private)Kiambu
2220153Thika Nursing Home(Thika)- (Private)Kiambu
2220365Transcon Wendo’ Medical Services(Private)Ruiru

Linda Mama Hospitals in Mombasa & Kilifi

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
77792703Jambo Healthcare Limited(Private)Mombasa
77792356Joy Medical Services(Private)Mombasa
77752636Dzitsoni Medical Clinic(Private)Kilifi
77752526Kijanaheri Medical Centre(Private)Malindi
7775589Kilifi Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Malindi
77751557Mephi Health Services(Private)Kilifi
77752578Mtondia Medical Clinic(Private)Kilifi
77751956Mtwapa Medical Clinic’ /Nursing Home(Private)Kilifi
7775996New Wananchi Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Mtwapa
77752349Northshore Medical Centre(Private)Kilifi
7775723Pwani Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Mtwapa
77741074Rgc Oasis’ Medical Centre-Faith BasedMtwapa
7774291Swiss Cottage Hospital(Private)Mtwapa
77792064The Green Park Health-care(Private)Kilifi
77751420Watamu Nursing Home(Private)Malindi

Linda Mama Centers- Kwale county, Taita Taveta, & Lamu

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
77742230PendoDuruma Medical Centre-privateUkunda
77742562Qatar Medical Clinic-privateUkunda
7774468Savani Medical Centre-privateUkunda
77741011Sunshine Medical Clinic-privateUkunda
77772242Ibnusina Nursing Home-PrivateLamu
7772290Dawida Maternity / Nursing Home-PrivateWundanyi

Linda Mama Centers- Tana River County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
77702225Medina Diagnostic Ltd. Hola(Private)Hola
77702574Siha Medical Home Ltd. (Private)Hola
77701549St… Raphael Archangel HealthCentre-Faith BasedHola
77702569Tahweed Community Nursing-Home, Hola(Private)Hola

Linda Mama Hospitals in Nakuru

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
00191679A.I.C. Bethsaida Medical Centre’-Faith BasedNakuru
0019278Bethania Medical Centre(Private)Nakuru
0018308Holy Spirit Health-Centre Gilgil-FaithBasedNaivasha
00192245Impact Healthcare(Private)Nakuru
00192481Kenlands Health Services-Nakuru, Maili Sita(Private)Nakuru
0018959Lakeview Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Naivasha
0019269Mother Kelvin Catholic’ HealthCentre-Faith BasedNakuru
00182215Naivasha Quality Health-care Services Limited(Private)Naivasha
00191720Neema Highway Medical/Home(Private)Olenguruone
00181148New Kimiilili Medical Clinic(Private)Naivasha
00192166NewPoint Medical Centre(Private)Nakuru
0017663Poly-Clinic Hospital(Private)Naivasha
00191732Rapha Medical Centre-Nakuru(Private)Nakuru
00191694Sister Mazzoldi Dispensary /Maternity(Private)Nakuru
0019916St… Anthony Health Centre(Private)Nakuru
00182216The Light Naivasha’ town Doctors Plaza(Private)Naivasha
00191660Tony-med Medical Clinic(Private)Olenguruone
00192167Top-care Subukia Medical Centre(Private)Nakuru

Linda Mama Hospitals in Baringo

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
00062407A.I.C. Eldama Ravine HealthCentre-Faith BasedKabarnet
0006679Barnet Memorial/Medical Centre(Private)Kabarnet
00061539Eldama Ravine Nursing/ Home(Private)Kabarnet
00061754Marigat Catholic Dispensary- Mission/Faith BasedKabarnet
0006144Mercy Hospital Eldama-Ravine-Faith BasedKabarnet

Linda Mama Hospitals in Bomet

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
00042581Chelymo Medical Centre(Private)Bomet
0004272St. Anthony’s Health-Centre Abosi-Faith BasedSotik
0004119Tenwek Hospital Bomet(in Sotik)-Faith BasedBomet

Linda Mama Hospitals in Elgeyo-Marakwet County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
0017041A.I.C. Kapsowar Hospital(Eldoret) -FaithBasedIten
0015866Arror Health Centre(Private)Iten
0017827Chesongoch Health Centre(Private)Iten
0015867Endo Health Centre-FaithBasedIten
00151310Kapkoi Health Centre-FaithBasedIten

Linda Mama Hospitals in Kajiado County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
00021423A.I.C. church Kajiado Dispensary-Faith BasedKajiado
6662466Assisi Nursing Home(Private)Kitengela
66621098Athi Complex / Community Health center(Private)Kitengela
6662752Athi-River Medical Services(Private)Kitengela
6662871Athi-River Community Shalom Hospital(Private)Kitengela
66621942Care-Givers Community Hospital(Private)Kajiado
66622057Favour Medical Services(Private)Kajiado
00021536Galaxy Medical Centre(Private)Kajiado
6662826Kitengela Medical Centre(Private)Kitengela
66621471Kitengela Medical Services-in Kajiado(Private)Kajiado
6662919Makadara Health Care(Private)Kitengela
0002567Matasia Health Clinic(Private)Ongata Rongai
6662988Rombo Mission Hospital-Faith BasedKajiado
00022397Tulah Medical Services(Private)Loitoktok
8000258Wama Nursing Home(Private)Ongata Rongai
8000577Wananchi Jamii Maternity / Nursing(Private)Ongata Rongai

Linda Mama Hospitals -Kericho County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
0004550A.I.C. Litein Cottage medical Hospital Kericho-Faith BasedKericho
0004136Kericho Nursing Home Limited(Private)Kericho
0004619Kipchimchim Mission Hospital-FaithbasedKericho
0004709Siloam Hospital(Private)Kericho
0004185St…. Leonards’ Hospital Limited(Private)Kericho

Linda Mama Accredited Hospitals- Narok

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
3337650Akemo Valley Maternity / Nursing Home- privately runKilgoris
00031535Free The Children’  B a r a k a Health Centre- privately runNarok
0003604Maasai Nursing Home- privately runNarok
00191665Narok Cottage Hospital- privately runNarok
00031509Nasha Lengot Medical Centre- privately runNarok
00032238Olchobosei Medical Centre- privately runNarok
0003809Transmara Medicare Hospital- privately runKilgoris

Linda Mama Accredited Hospitals- Nandi

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
0013212Baraton Jeremic Community/ Medical Centre(Private)Kapsabet
0013990Kaiboi Mission Faith Based Health CentreKapsabet
0013947Kobujoi Faith Based Mission HospitalKapsabet
00131152Meswo(Tunza) (Private) Medical ServicesKapsabet
0013989Mother Francisca (Private) Maternity & Nursing Home(Private)Kapsabet
0013462St. Joseph (Faith Based) Mission HospitalKapsabet

Linda Mama Accredited Hospitals- Samburu

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
0009428Archer’s Post Health Centre-FaithBasedMaralal
0009015Catholic Hospital Wamba -Faith Based Via MaralalMaralal
00091491County Medicare Limited- Maralal(Private)Maralal
0009427Maralal Catholic Dispensary-Faith BasedMaralal
0009429South Horrr Catholic Centre(Private)Maralal

Linda Mama Accredited Facilities- Trans Nzoia

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
0016054Anderson Medical Centre(Private)Kitale
0016582Ebenezer Medical Clinic(Private)Kitale
0017642Kiminini Cottage Hospital(Private)Kitale
00161013Matunda Maternity Home(Private)Kitale
00161013Matunda Maternity Home(Private)Kitale
0016304Moi’s Bridge Health Mission Centre-Faith BasedKitale
0017647Sister. Frida’s Medical Centre(Private)Kitale
00162257St… Andrews Medical Clinic(Private)Kitale
0016054Anderson’ Medical Centre(Private)Kitale

Linda Mama Accredited Facilities- Turkana County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
00101680AIC Kalokol (Faith Based) Health CentreLodwar
0017987AIC Lokichogio (Faith Based) Health CentreLodwar
0017851Kakuma Mission(Faith Based)  HospitalLodwar

Linda Mama Accredited Facilities- Uasin Gishu & Eldoret

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
00172354Langas Race-course Health Centre-Faith BasedEldoret
0017993Lelmolok Nursing Home(Private)Eldoret
00172642Mary Immaculate (Faith Based) Health Centre – KaptagatEldoret
0017150Plateau Mission (Faith Based) Hospital (Eldoret)Eldoret
00171530Racecourse Hospital(Private)Eldoret
0017855St… Brigita’s Catholic Ya Mumbi center-Faith BasedEldoret

Linda Mama Accredited Facilities- West Pokot

0016161Ortum Mission Hospital (in Kitale) -Faith BasedKapenguria Area
00161740Tuina Medical Clinic(Private)Kapenguria Area

Linda Mama Hospitals Nanyuki & Laikipia

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
22261556Benedict XVI (Catholic) Dispensary-Faith BasedNanyuki
2229741Charity Medical Centre(Private)Nanyuki
2229736Good-Hope Medical Centre(Private)Nanyuki
2229861Nyahururu Private Hospital(Private)Nanyuki
22291512Ol-jabet Annex Medical / Nursing Home(Private)Nanyuki
2229797Oljabet Medical Centre – Laikipia(Private)Nanyuki
0007292Sipili Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Nanyuki

Linda Mama Hospitals in Meru

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
6666455C.C.S. Maua Medical Centre(A.C.K) -Faith BasedMaua
6666784Cottolengo Mission Hospital-Faith BasedMeru
6666032Maua Methodist Hospital(Meru) (Private)Meru
66662235Mikinduri Catholic Church (Faith Based) Health Centre-Meru
6666511Mitunguu Medical Services(Private)Meru
66662567Mutethia Kiraone Nursing center Home(Private)Chuka
66661637Mutuati Catholic church Mission Hospital-Faith BasedMeru
6666027St. Anne Maternity -Cottage-Faith BasedMeru
6666641St… Luke Cottage Hospital (Kiamuri)-Faith BasedMeru
66662346St…..Teresa Riijii Health Centre-Faith BasedMeru
6666171St…Theresa’s Mission Hospital-Kiirua-Faith BasedMeru
6666030Tigania Hospital (Meru) -Faith BasedMeru
6666295Tuuru Cottolengo Health/med Centre-Faith BasedMeru

Hospitals with Linda Mama initiative- Kirinyaga County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
22242528Baricho Catholic Centre-Faith BasedKerugoya
2224814Kagio Nursing Home(Private)Kerugoya
22241716Kerugoya Catholic church Health Centre-Faith BasedKerugoya
2224834Kerugoya Medical Centre(Private)Kerugoya
22242241Mwea County Medical home/Centre(Private)Kerugoya
2224688Mwea Medical Centre(Private)Kerugoya
22241631Ngurubani Medical Services(Private)Kerugoya
22241715White Rose Medical Centre(Private)Kerugoya

Linda mama accredited hospitals in Muranga County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
22222641Afya Essentials -Kangari(Private)Muranga
2222470Kimkan Health Services(Private)Muranga

Linda mama accredited hospitals in Nyeri County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
222656Waka Ruringu Maternity (Private)Nyeri

Linda mama accredited hospitals- Embu County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
6664028Consolata Hospital Kyeni (in Embu)-Faith BasedEmbu
0018353County Medical Centre Embu (Private)Embu
6664880Liberty Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Embu
2224149Our Lady Of Lourde’s Mwea Hospital-Faith BasedEmbu
22241633Queens and Kings Healthcare Centre(Private)Embu

Linda mama accredited hospitals- Kitui County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
6660503Afya Bora Clinic- Mutomo(Private)Kitui
66602527BlueTurtle Medical Clinic(Private)Kitui
6660293Ikutha Nursing Home-Faith BasedKitui
6660504Ikutha Medicare Clinic(Private)Kitui
66601559Kithito Medical Centre(Private)Kitui
66602365Kitui Quality Medicare(Private)Kitui
6666818Mumbuni Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Mwingi
66622214Mumoni Nursing Home(Private)Kitui
6660120Muthale Mission Hospital (in Kitui)-Faith BasedKitui
66622331Muthale Mission Hospital, Satellite Clinic-Faith BasedKitui
6660121Mutomo Mission Hospital (in Mutomo) -Faith BasedKitui
66601611Mwingi Family Nursing center/ Home(Private)Kitui
66601087Mwingi Medicare Centre(Private)Mwingi
6660828Neema Hospital(Private)Kitui
66602454Neema Medical Healthcare Services(Private)Kitui
66602405Kitui Family-Care Hospital(Private)Kitui
6660176Kitui Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Kitui

Linda mama  hospitals- Machakos County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
6662719Bishop U. Kioko Catholic m. Hospital(Private)Machakos
66621590Matungulu Medical Centre(Private)Machakos
6662638New Ngei Road Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Machakos
6662566Shalom Hospital(Private)Machakos
66622629St. David’s Health Care(Private)Machakos

Linda mama  medical hospitals- Makueni County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
6662914Emali Nursing Home(Private)Wote
6662163Kikoko Mission Hospital-Machakos-Faith BasedWote
6662888Kilome Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Wote
6662307Ponya Surgical / Nursing Home(Private)Wote
66622109Tumaini Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Kibwezi

Linda mama facilities- Marsabit County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
6666413Afya Nursing Home-Moyale(Private)Moyale
66661102Ismc Services Hospital(Private)Marsabit
6669846Moyale Nursing Home(Private)Moyale
6669175Sololo Mission Hospital- Sololovia-Faith basedMoyale
6666453Taqwa Nursing Home(Private)Moyale

Linda mama facilities- Busia County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
44402352Appex Hospital(Private)Busia
44401806Marachi Health Clinic(Private)Busia
444 09 83New Busia Maternity OPC Nursing Home (Private)Busia

Linda mama facilities- Kakamega County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
4443948Ahmadiya Muslim Hospital-Faith basedMumias
4443791Bukaya Medical Centre(Private)Mumias
44442119Eshisiru Medical Cottage(Private)Kakamega
44401733Itando Mission-Of-Hope & Healthcare-Faith basedKakamega
4440976Mwihila Mission Hospital –Yala OPC-Faith basedMumias
4443930Namasoli Health Centre-Faith basedMumias
4440268Sonak Community Medicare Centre(Private)Mumias
4443023St… Mary’s Hospital (Mumias) –Faith-basedMumias
44402205St…James Memorial Medical Clinic(Private)Mumias

Linda mama Hospitals- Vihiga County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
44401560Equator Medical Services(Private)Vihiga
44402590Joint Partners’ Nursing Home(Private)Vihiga
4447602Kima Mission Hospital-Faith basedVihiga
44402253Mungoma Hospital(Private)Vihiga
44401961The Great Lakes’ Medical/h. Centre(Private)Vihiga

Linda mama accredited Hospitals- Homabay County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
3336938Asumbi Mission Healthcare Centre-Faith basedHoma Bay
33372069Janeiro Nursing Home(Private)Homa Bay
3337563Matata Nursing / Maternity Home(Private)Oyugis
3336999Okitta Maternity /Nursing Home(Private)Oyugis
3337991Simbiri Nan Bell (Community) Health Centre(Private)Oyugis
3337576St… Lawrence HomaBay Hospital(Private)Homa Bay
3337863St…Paul’s Mission Hospital-Faith basedHoma Bay

Linda mama accredited Hospitals- Kisii County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
33362265Aries Medical Clinic(Private)Kisii
3337648Bosongo Medical Centre(Private)Kisii
33361977Chemin Medical Clinic(Private)Kisii
3336140Christa Marianne Hospital / Nursing Home(Private)Kisii
3336157Getembe Nursing Home(Private)Kisii
3337661Gucha Cottage Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Kisii
3336057Hema Hospital(Private)Kisii
33362173Igorerta Medical Clinic(Private)Kisii
3337660Isana Nursing Home(Private)Kisii
33361834Kisii Family Medical care Centre(Private)Kisii
33361792Lenmek Hospital(Private)Kisii
33361957Mogumo Medical Centre(Private)Kisii
33361554Nyanchwa Adventists Medical Centre-Faith basedKisii
3336724Nyangena Hospital(Private)Kisii
3336735Ogembo Medical Centre(Private)Kisii
33361746R.R.M.T.D.-Ropment Medical care Centre(Private)Kisii
33361947Romieva Medical Centre(Private)Kisii
33361701Sengera Mission Health-Centre, Faith basedKisii
33362373St… Catherine’s Icuni Mission Dispensary-Faith basedKisii
33362127St…Elizabeth Gekano Mission Health Centre-Faith basedKisii
3336145Tabaka Mission Hospital-Kisii -Faith basedKisii
33362368The Nairobi Family / Maternity Hospital(Private)Kisii

Linda mama accredited Hospitals- Kisumu County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
33301025Ahero Medical Centre(Private)Kisumu
33301598Awasi Catholic Dispensary- Mission/Faith basedKisumu
3333191Boya Rural Nursing/m. Home(Private)Kisumu
3332537Dunga Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Kisumu
3333812Holy Family Catholic faith-based Mission HospitalKisumu
3330477Hope Medical Centre- Awasi(Private)Kisumu
33301478Mama Pilista Health/med. Centre(Private)Kisumu
33331449Masaba Hospital Limited(Private)Kisumu
3333045Maseno Hospital-Faith basedKisumu
33302256Mt…Sinai Hospital(Private)Kisumu
3332610Nightgale Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Kisumu
33302616Nyalenda Godswill Medical/care Centre(Private)Kisumu
3333918Ogra Medical Centre / Community(Private)Kisumu
3332263Santa Jane Nursing/maternity Home Service-Faith basedKisumu
3333934St… Clare’s Bolo Health Centre-Faith basedKisumu
3332903St… Consolata Kisumu Hospital-Faith basedKisumu
3337925St… Elizabeth Chiga Dispensary-Faith basedKisumu
33302392St… Jairus Hospital(Private)Kisumu
3337128St… Joseph’s Hospital (Nyabondo)-Faith basedKisumu
3337673St… Monica’s Hospital-Faith basedKisumu
3332815The Port Florence (Community) Hospital(Private)Kisumu
33302046Walmer Community Eye / Medical Health(Private)Kisumu

Linda mama accredited Hospitals- Migori County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
33371693Alpha Community / Nursing Home(Private)Migori
33371591Getontira Medical Centre(Private)Migori
3337495Kehancha Mother / Child(Private)Migori
33372575Lwala Community Healthcare Centre(Private)Migori
33372386Mama Freda Medical care/Clinic(Private)Migori
3337254Mama Maria Clinics’ -Muhuru Bay(Private)Migori
33372243Mother Solbrit Healthcare Centre(Private)Migori
3337665Ojele Memorial Hospital(Private)Migori
3337205Oruba Nursing / Maternity Home Ltd(Private)Migori
3337532Pastor Machage Memorial Migori Hospital(Private)Migori
3338677Rapogi Community Health / Maternity. Centre(Private)Migori
33371479Rosewood Nursing Home(Private)Migori
3337253Royal Medical Clinic / Maternity Home(Private)Migori
33372240Samjomen Nursing Home(Private)Migori
3337533Sori Lake-side Nursing Home(Private)Migori
3337843St… Akidiva Memorial Hospital(Private)Migori
3337312St… Akidiva Mindira Mabera(Private)Migori
3337522St… Joseph’s Mission Migori Hospital -Faith basedMigori
33371043St… Monica Rapogi Hospital- Mission/Faith basedMigori
3337692St….Camillus Hospital- Mission/Faith basedMigori
33372232Steken Nyarombo Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Migori
3337536Suna Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Migori

Linda mama accredited Hospitals- Migori County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
3336198Nyamira Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Nyamira
3339600Nyansiongo Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Nyamira
33361751Rangenyo Mission Health facility/Centre-Faith basedNyamira
33361244St. Joseph’s Nyasiongo Health Centre-FaithbasedNyamira
33361948Tombe Medicare Centre(Private)Nyamira

Linda mama Hospitals in Siaya County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
3332715Bondo Medical Centre(Private)Siaya
3333921Divine Mercy Aluor Healthcare Centre-Faith basedSiaya
3337813Dophil Nursing / Maternity Home(Private)Siaya
33302116Homeground Medical Centre(Private)Siaya
2220208Inuka Hospital(Private)Siaya
33302338Inuka Nursing Home(Private)Siaya
3337997Matangwe Community Medical care Centre(Private)Siaya
33321407Matibabu Hospital(Private)Siaya
33321185Ngiya Health Centre-Faith basedSiaya
3332760Owens Maternity / Nursing Home(Private)Siaya
33321186Queenteric Kapiyo Community(Private)Siaya
3337940Rangala Mission Hospital-Faith basedSiaya
3330721Sagam Community Hospital(Private)Siaya
3330702Sega Cottage Hospital(Private)Siaya
3337662St… Elizabeth Hospital Lwak-Faith basedSiaya
33301714St….Anne’s Nyangoma Dispensary-Faith basedSiaya
3330933St….Anne’s Sega Mission Hospital-Faith basedSiaya
3333887St….Vincent De Paul’s Health Centre-Faith basedSiaya
33301744World Youth International- Mama Ann Odede(Private)Siaya

Linda mama Hospitals in Garissa County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
55501513Excel Health Services- Garissa(Private)Garissa
5550454Garissa Mother / Child Health Care(Private)Garissa
5550271Simaho Mch./FP Clinic(Private)Garissa
5550416Tawheed Community(Private)Garissa

Linda mama Hospitals in Mandera County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
5553270Alsiha Nursing Home(Private)Mandera
5553907Blue-Light Nursing Home(Private)Mandera
55501035Bulla-Mpya Nursing Home(Private)Mandera
55532267Eastgate Medical Centre(Private)Mandera
5553147Mandera Medicare Clinic(Private)Mandera
55531424Mandera-West Nursing Home(Private)Mandera
55502133Woodland’s Hospital(Private)Mandera
5550524Zonal Annex Nursing/h. Home(Private)Mandera

Linda mama Hospitals in Wajir County

Hospital CodeNameNearest NHIF office
5550528Afya Medical Clinic / Nursing Home(Private)Wajir
55521704Al Hamdu Nursing Home(Private)Wajir
55522134Al hayat Nursing Home(Private)Wajir
55522371Bute Nursing Home(Private)Wajir
55522114Camel Medical Centre(Private)Wajir
55521573Ladnan Hospital(Private)Wajir

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