To check your NHIF account contribution status via your phone, simply send you ID number to 21101. You will get a reply with the name of your employer and the last month you paid your contribution. The service charges for this is Ksh. 10.

For voluntary and self employed contributors, NHIF allows the convinience of Mpesa payments. Click the link to view the NHIF Paybill Number | NHIF Payment Via Mpesa, Equitel and Airtel Money.

NHIF Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long after registration can you access the NHIF services? For the informal sector, you have to wait for 60 days while for the formal sector you only wait for 30 days.
  2. How long does it take for a dependant to access services after being added to the plan? Immediately
  3. How long do Mpesa Payments take to feature in your satement? Between 24 and 48 hrs, but some payments are even instant
  4. What happens if you have not paid for long and you need to resume? You can either pay the backlog and the penalties, or you can just pay the principal amount and wait for 60 days to access the services
  5. What do you do if you cannot remember your NHIF number? Just make a call to NHIF using one of the contact numbers given above and you’ll be sorted. The numbers are toll free. You can also get your number by texting ID **** to 21101 where **** is your ID number and the message you receive will indicate your NHIF membership number.
  6. How do you go about changing your preferred hospital? You can only do this twice an year. What you do is wait for a call for registration for the preffered hospital and visit an NHIF branch to do this. If you have a very solid reason as to why you need to change before a call is made, you can always visit your nearest NHIF branch.
  7. When is the deadline for payments. It is on the 9th of every month.
  8. If I miss the deadline, what are the payments? If your employer misses the deadline, he pays twice the principal. For the informal contributors, you pay the principal plus 50% of the principle. In other words, if you are to pay on, let’s say 12th, instead of paying the normal Ksh. 500 you pay Ksh.750.
  9. How do I get my NHIF Statement Online? This online feature and others are set to be launched in the next few weeks. Keep it here and we’ll keep you posted.
  10. Where do I get additional NHIF infor? Just visit their website at and you’ll be able to get all the latest and some more.
  11. How much will NHIF pay for me when I receive treatment? This depends on the hospital you choose to visit. There are three categories of NHIF Accredited Hospitals and each category has  a different contract with NHIF. Visit the linked post to see which category your hospital falls under and how much NHIF will pay for you.

If you have specific issues, kindly contact NHIF directly or visit your nearest branch for assistance. You can contact NHIF with your queries by calling these toll free line… 0800 720 601, (020) 2723255/56, (020) 2714793/94, (020) 2722527. 

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