Every company is required to be registered with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). The employer is supposed to deduct and remit contributions for all its employees to NHIF. Some employers deduct and fail to pay the amount to the insurance scheme. To show that you have complied, you need the NHIF certificate of compliance.

To get the NHIF Compliance Certificate the employer has to request the certificate in writing to NHIF. This will help an organization know incase there are penalties, how much and payment procedure for the penalties.

Benefits of NHIF certificate of compliance

NHIF compliance certificate is a very crucial document that every company should have. It shows that the company has complied with all NHIF laws.

NHIF has made sure that every employer who complies with their rules is issued a certificate of compliance. This means that they can use the certificate in any court case or investigation by the government. Having a valid certificate makes things easier for you.

How does one get certified?

Applying for the NHIF certificate of compliance is done offline. You do not need access to the NHIF self-care portal. Here are the few steps you should use to get yourself or your company certified:

1. Write a request letter

The first step to get certified is to write a request letter. The letter needs to include details about your business such as: Name Address Contact number Type of business NHIF unique employer number It also includes information on the total number of employees employed at your establishment. If you are unsure what format to use in your letter, you can download NHIF compliance certificate request templates over the internet.

2. Attach supporting documents

After writing the request letter, attach supporting documents like payroll records, bank statements, and proof of payment of contribution fees. These documents help NHIF verify whether you comply with the law. If there are discrepancies found during verification, then you may face penalties.

3. Make sure your account is up to date

You won’t get the NHIF certificate of compliance if your account is not up to date. So pay all the due fines, any contributions that you have defaulted, make sure you clear them.

4. Visit the nearest NHIF branch

Once you have compiled the application form along with the required documentation, visit the closest NHIF office. There, you will find NHIF customer care staff members ready to assist you. They will guide you through the process.

5. Wait for approval

Your application might take a few days to get approved. In most cases, the NHIF staff members will tell you how long it will take to get approved.

6. Get your certificate

When your application gets approved, you will receive a copy of the NHIF certificate of compliance. NHIF customer care staff will tell you where you are supposed to collect the certification. Keep this document safe until further notice from the NHIF.

Getting the NHIF certificate of compliance is that simple! You only have to make sure your employer account is updated, craft a request letter, and drop it at the nearest NHIF branch.

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