Safaricom Investment Co-operative was established in 2009 under the Co-operatives Act Cap 490 to pursue joint investments for its members. It draws its members from the current and former staff of Safaricom and the public at large. The Co-operative allows individual and group membership.

For you to buy Safaricom shares, you need to open a CDS account with a stoke broker to buy shares from the stock market. For this case, the best option will be Safaricom Investment Co-operative.

How To Become A Member of Safaricom Investment Co-operative

1. Individual Membership

  • One is required to purchase a minimum of 500 shares at 52.5 Ksh.
  • Pay a non-refundable admission fee of Kshs 10,000.
  • Minimum monthly contribution is Ksh 3,000.
  • Total to pay is Kshs 36,500.
  • Fill in a registration form and attach a passport photo, copy of ID, copy of KRA PIN and proof of payment.

2. Group Membership

  • A chama, a self help group, an investment company and a sacco can join.
  • Minimum monthly contribution for a group is Kshs 15,000, registration is Kshs 25,000 and minimum number of shares is 1500 shares.

How to Buy Safaricom Shares in Kenya

There are different ways in which you can purchase your Safaricom shares;

  1. Through your stock broker
  2. Online

And you can pay either via

  • Cash (or money in your account)
  • MPesa
  • Bonga points

Please note that in all cases, you need a CDS account to be able to buy Safaricom shares in Kenya (in fact, you cannot buy/sell NSE-listed shares in Kenya without a CDS account). Follow this link to see How to open a CDS account.

How to buy Safaricom shares through your stock broker (or bank, if it is a registered stock broker)

Step 1: Deposit the amount of money you want to invest in your CDS account. Your broker will give you details about the MPESA paybill number to use.

Side note:  The minimum number of Safaricom shares you can buy is 100 (and you order in multiples of 100 shares)

Step 2: Place your order with your broker/bank by filling in an order form.

That’s all- your broker will proceed to execute your order and the Safaricom shares you have just purchased will reflect in your newly opened CDS account within 2 days (maximum).

How to Buy Safaricom Shares Online

Trading Safaricom shares through the internet is as well not complicated and is way convenient than having to make back and forth trips to and from your stock broker.

And the good thing is that you can pay online through an online funds transfer from your bank account or MPESA.


  1. Log into your Online shares trading up
  2. Fund the account by adding cash via MPESA (or the method you usually use)
  3. Click buy Shares
  4. Scroll to select Safaricom shares
  5. Enter the quantity needed and set the price limit, if necessary.
  6. Confirm the order.

All you have to do now is wait a day/two for the order to be executed by the broker that owns the app/online shares trading platform.

Buying Safaricom Shares using bonga points (You get Ksh1 for every 5 bonga points).

If you wish to redeem your Bonga points and invest them in Safaricom shares, below is a list of trading participants you can use:

  1. NCBA Capital
  2. Faida Investment Bank
  4. ABC Capital
  5. Old Mutual Securities
  6. Kingdom Securities.
  7. Suntra Investment Bank
  8. Francis Drummond &Company
  9. Dyer& Blair Investment Bank
  10. Sterling Capital.

How to Buy Safaricom Shares Using Bonga Points

So, how do I buy Safaricom shares using bonga points?

Well, the steps are similar- you need to place the order via the app or the form and wait.

But you’ll need to redeem the bonga points first (and have them converted into Kshs)

Just follow the process below to redeem the bonga points:

  • Dial *126#
  • Select ‘Lipa na Bonga’ menu
  • Select ‘Paybill’ option
  • Click ‘Enter Business Number’
  • Key in the Paybill number provided by your stock dealer then ‘OK’
  • For the ‘Account Number’ option, fill in your CDSC account number then ‘OK’
  • Proceed to enter the amount you wish to pay in Kshs then send.

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