NHIF SUPER COVER is Kenya’s largest, reliable, accessible and affordable medical insurance cover that enables you and your family to enjoy an unparalleled benefits package. NHIF SUPER COVER costs Kshs. 500 per month for the principal members and beneficiaries.

What Does NHIF SUPER Cover Entail?

NHIF SUPER COVER Outpatient services i.e

  1. Consultation,
  2. Laboratory,
  3. Medical investigations,
  4. daycare procedures,
  5. drugs and dispensation,
  6. health education,
  7. wellness and counselling,
  8. physiotherapy services,
  9. immunization/vaccines as per the KEPI schedule

NHIF SUPER COVER Inpatient services

  1. Maternal care – Antenatal and Prenatal care and deliveries (Normal delivery and caesarian section)
  2. Reproductive health services : Family Planning
  3. Renal Dialysis
  4. Overseas treatment for specialized surgeries not available locally
  5. Rehabilitation for drugs and substance abuse
  6. All surgical procedures including transplants
  7. Emergency road evacuation services
  8. Radiology imaging services (X-rays, CT Scan, & MRI)
  9. Cancer Treatment

NHIF Application

NHIF registration is open to all members from the formal and informal sectors. While it is compulsory for members of the formal sector to be registered, registration membership is voluntary for informal sector members. You can register for NHIF covers as a member or an employer/organization by filling the specific forms at their website.

The following documents are required: requirements for a nhif card

  • A copy of your national ID
  • A copy of your spouse’s national ID where applicable
  • Your employers NHIF code (if you are employed)
  • Original copies of your birth certificate (including yours spouses or dependents where applicable)
  • A coloured passport photo. It is also necessary to attach passport photos of your spouse or dependents where applicable

NHIF account

You can use NHIF self-service with either an individual account or JamboPay e-Wallet. To create your individual account you will need your NHIF Number, a valid email address and a working phone number. Tp create a Jambopay eWallet account. You need a valid phone number, email address and ID Number.

NHIF super cover limits

It should be noted that NHIF super cover pays up to 80% on member medical bill.

NHIF Fines/ penalties

A fine of Kshs. 250 is charged for every month skipped. The fine can be paid via M-PESA

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