Have you ever thought of other jobs that can also earn you a decent pay if your first dream doesn’t materialise?  Every year, thousands of Kenyans join the job market but its ability to absorb everyone based on the qualification and expertise is limited.

What a job pays is quite important, and finding a career that pays well in Kenya is more important than its type. There are too many business ideas that you can start and benefit from. If you don’t have passion for the business, you can as well benefit from it. Although starting capital matters a lot, there is no business out there which can’t grow.

Below Are Some Business Ideas you can choose to venture in;-

1. Selling Cosmetics

Ladies like looking good as a matter of fact. Selling cosmetics such as nail polish and lipstick can be a good beginning.

Buy the cosmetics at a giveaway price and sell them at a great profit.

2. Salon or barber shop

This is a lucrative business that has the potential of making you good money. You can start by visiting clients in their home; make enough money to finally rent out a place. Clipping machine costs as low as kshs. 2500. From there you can work on getting cash to buy other equipment you may need.

3. Door Mats

With a capital of Kshs. 5000 you are able to buy materials such as wool, needles, scissors, mat mesh and a crotchet.

If you don’t have the knowledge on how to make the mats you can buy bundles watch tutorials and begin the work.

4. Selling second hand clothes

With as little as Kshs. 1,000 you can buy your stock and begin the selling. With this business you will obviously get higher profits. All what you need is to get a strategic selling point and the source.

5. M-Pesa business

M-Pesa of late is the tool almost everyone is using.  Although this business seems crowded, no matter where you are operating at, you can be assured that at the end of the day you will still make a profit.

Starting an M-Pesa business requires you to have at least kshs 100,000 but if someone gives you their line to operate with you only require around 50K.

6. Selling Perfumes

Selling perfumes is one of the best businesses to start in Kenya.

It is simple all you need to do is to buy perfumes at a whole sale price of about Ksh. 100 and sell to up to Ksh.300. This brings about a massive profit.

7. Boda boda / Tuk-tuk business

The boda boda business has been around for a while. So has been the tuk-tuk vehicles, thanks to the short travelling demands.

Despite tough economic times, boda boda and tuk-tuk are small business ideas in Kenya that have sustained a huge chunk of the youth population economically.

A motorcycle in Kenya costs from Ksh.65,000 to 120,000. That is to mean with less than Kshs.100,000, you can own a motorbike and start the job. This is a business that you can be sure that at the end of the day, you can make a comfortable Ksh.1,000.

8. Drinking Water Distribution

You can begin this business as long as you are ready. You can go to areas where there is water shortage and tell the people what services you offer.

After the people have known what you do, you can buy water from trusted companies and sell to people.

9. Selling Potatoes

There are some areas where potatoes are not found easily. You will be able to buy a sack at about Ksh. 2000 and the rest you can spend on transport and other stuffs.

Afterwards you can sell the potatoes at a very high price and be able to realize highest profits.

10. Manicure/Pedicure business

This business requires around Kshs 500 to start. And as you all know, Many if not all of our ladies  wants to look beautiful from head to toes  and you can agree with me that this Business is worth venturing in. You can start by doing house calls before you rent a place.

11. Printing and photocopy business

This business is worth considering, however, your locations matters a lot. You could also venture into the business if you are living near a college or university. Starting this type of  business  requires a starting capital of less than Ksh. 7,000.

12. Boiled eggs and Smokies

To start this business, sausage, samosa and egg business you need a capital of around Kshs 1,000 to start. One egg goes for around 10 bob and then sell at 20 bob. That’s 10 bob in profit. On a good day, you can make a profit of about Ksh.500. in a month you are assured of an income of over Ksh. 15,000. All you need is to find a good location and you are on your way to your first successful small business.

13. Car wash

This business requires you to get a dedicated staff and you could be making around 400K in a month. If you charge 200 shillings per car, you can manage to clean 100 cars per day again depending on where you are located. That is 20K per day. You don’t require much  capital to start a cash wash, you simply need an area with water supply and a machine or simply a basin.

14. Cleaning service business

Many are there at home wondering who will ever clean the dirty sofa sets. Offering such service is worth considering. You need to get a personnel who can handle that and a machine, vacuum cleaners which costs as low as Kshs 3,000.

As you can see, you don’t need much to start a home cleaning business.

15. Selling women handbags

Selling women handbags is one of the fast growing, small scale businesses in Kenya. Women are naturals when it comes to fashion and overall groom.

You can get your supplies from places like Eastleigh where prices of these products are affordable. However, as you advance, consider getting your stock from Uganda, China, United Arab Emirates or the U.S. Then open a boutique for bags in your estate.

Alternatively, use your Facebook pages or Instagram platform to advertise and market these bags. Make sure that the quality is top-notch and irresistible for potential customers.

16. Cereals

Cereals are being consumed in almost every household, to start this business, you simply need strategic location and where you will be sourcing your stock.

You can buy them in wholesale and distribute to other sellers within your locality.

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