Gotv no signal is one of the most associated challenges that subscribers often face. It normally appears as GOtv E48 “searching for signal”. 

The GOtv connection error E48 show on your TV screen is an example of a wrong or faulty physical connection or loss of network signal. However, when my GOtv is showing no signal how do I fix it?

Gotv connection error mostly occur when the transmission mast providing signal to that particular area is down as a result of lack of maintenance or other factor that can cause GOtv signal strength 0.


Here are some of the reasons your Gotv might show no signal:

1. Maybe there is a fault with your decoder.

2. Your antenna might have shifted away from the right direction.

3. Your Gotv antenna is spoilt.

4. There might be a break in your Gotv antenna cable.

5. When your antenna is broken or spoilt, your Gotv might show no signal.

Those are why you see no signal on your Gotv decoder.

Here’s how you improve the GOTV signal reception to ensure that you have a clear viewing experience:

1. Connect your Gotv decoder power source and switch it on.

2. Wait for it to finish booting.

3. When no signal pops up, press on “Help” button on the remote to display the “Menu.”

4. Scroll to “Advanced options” and press ok.

5. Select “Signal information” and press ok.

6. You will see the signal strength and quality are all empty.

7. Now, make someone watch in the room for you and climb with the ladder to the roof where the antenna is mounted.

8. Try to shift the antenna from left to right all around to see the signal show up.

9. If it doesn’t, kindly change the antenna cable and fix the new coaxial cable.

10. Connect the new cable to the same cable port on the antenna.

11. Lay the cable nicely to the room where the decoder is.

12. Remove the old cable from the back of the decoder and fix the new one.

13. You will see the signal show up. In case it not enough, climb back to the top and tune the antenna to attain a high signal.

14. Once your signal is back up, scan the decoder to retrieve your lost Gotv channels.

15. Now, press “Exit” to remove the menu display off the screen and start watching your channels.

That is how to fix Gotv no signal!

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