The P9 form is an end of year tax returns form that is posted on the teacher’s online portal. This form is used when filing the respective year’s tax returns.

The Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA, expects the teachers’ employer (TSC) to make monthly Pay As you Earn (PAYE) deductions and to remit them to the tax man on monthly basis.

The P9 form contains the teacher’s basic details; KRA tax PIN, Tax year, tax payer’s name, Employer (TSC) Tax PIN, TSC number, ID Number, KRA PIN and the teacher’s station code. other details on the P9 form are: The monthly tax dates (for the whole year), Taxable pay (Total gross salary earned by the teacher monthly), Pension earned (for retired teachers), Amount of PAYE deducted monthly (Pay Auto) and Monthly Relief (MPR).

How to download and print TSC P9 Form

To download and print TSC P9 form is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps;

  1. Log in to your tsc payslip portal ( by entering your TSC number and password.
  2. Once you have logged into your TSC Payslip portal click on P9s as shown below;
TSC P9 form download
TSC P9 form download

3. On tapping on p9s, you will be taken to your p9 form where you can download or print your form. The downloaded P9 form contains the following details;

  • KRA tax PIN,
  • Tax year,
  • tax payer’s name,
  • Employer (TSC) Tax PIN,
  • TSC number, ID Number,
  • KRA PIN and the teacher’s station code.
  • The monthly tax dates (for the whole year),
  • Taxable pay (Total gross salary earned by the teacher monthly),
  • Pension earned (for retired teachers),
  • Amount of PAYE deducted monthly (Pay Auto) and Monthly Relief (MPR).

Your P9 form has Bio data and seven columns thus;

  • Tax- date: This is the first month of the monthly taxable income; for the whole financial year.
  • Taxable Pay: This is your monthly taxable pay (Gross income; Basic Salary plus allowances).
  • Pension: Monthly pay for retirees.
  • Pay Auto: This is the total monthly deductible individual income tax.
  • Unused MPR: This is any unutilized Monthly Personal Relief.
  • MPR Value: Which is the Monthly Personal Relief that is entitled to all residents.
  • Vote: This is the vote head under which the income tax is placed/ deducted by the employer.

 To file your Tax returns, print the P9 form and use the values on it to declare your returns.

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