Teachers Service Commission ( TSC) is an independent body that deals with teachers employed by the Kenyan government.

The online services offered by TSC to teachers include online payslips application, teacher registration, access to online wealth declaration forms, pension registration, among many others.


You can now easily log into the new TSC T-Pay portal to get your payslips. Just follow the following simple steps:

  • In the first box, enter your TSC Number/ID Number followed by your password in the second box. Click ‘Login’ once done. In case you forget your password, you have no reasons to be worried. Simply click on the ‘Reset Password’ tab.
  • Once you click on ‘Login’ you will be redirected to your account dashboard.
  • From the list on the left of your screen, you will be able to get a Quick Access to;
  1. Menu
  2. Latest Payslip
  3. Latest P9
  4. My Transactions

TSC Online Payslip Registration

To get a payslip online in Kenya through the TSC, you must first be registered through your local county office.


Once you login using your TSC number and password, you can now view your online payslip and other documents such as KRA P9 forms.

What You Can Do With The New T-Pay Portal

With the new T-Pay portal, you can now have access to the following.

  1. View your payslips,
  2. Get you P9 form for filing KRA returns,
  3. Send your payslips to financial institutions (banks and SACCOs),
  4. View your third party transactions and
  5. Change your Payslips password.

The New T-Portal is very user-friendly; you will find all the above mentioned on your screen’s left side.

Besides, the portal now has quick access to the menu to your latest online payslip and transactions. You can now access up to four months payslip when you click on the latest payslip icon, and the latest P9 icon gives you access to three years of P9 forms.

How To Reset Password On The T-Pay Portal

Click on the forget password on the T-pay portal and proceed to input the number; select the secret question and provide the answer, thereafter enter your phone number, email and password. Once you are done, click on the reset password.

Resetting your TSC T-pay password.

It is important not to disclose your TSC Payslip password to anyone. So many teachers have ended up losing financially by meeting third party deductions (insurance and loans) which they are not aware of.

How To Download Your Payslip

Once you log into the new T-pay system, you may need to keep a copy of your payslip. Simply click on ‘Latest Payslip’ to see the recent payslips (payslips for four months are displayed). To save a copy of your payslip, then, take a screenshot of the payslip. Similarly, click the ‘Print’ tab at the bottom of your payslip.

You can also search for previous payslips by using the ‘Search T-pay menu items’ tab. Then, click the ‘view payslips’ sub-menu.

By using the ‘View P9(s)’ sub menu, you can now access your P9s for the last three years with a lot of ease.



How to download the P9 form

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