With Co-operative Bank’s Kenya mobile banking platform dubbed Mco-op Cash, you can perform banking transactions right from the comfort of your mobile phone. Services you can access via the Mco-op Cash USSD *667# or Mco-op Cash App include applying for an Mco-op Cash loan, deposit money, send money to any Mpesa or bank accounts, withdraw cash at Co-op bank ATMs or agents, and pay bills among others.

How to Register for Mco-op Cash

You can register for Mco-op cash mobile banking by visiting your nearest Co-operative bank branch and linking your Safaricom phone number to your account.

You need to be a Co-operative bank customer to enjoy Mco-op cash services.

You can also register through USSD short code *667# as follows:

  1. Dial *667# on your phone
  2. Select language  as English or Swahili
  3. Enter your Surname as it appears on your ID or Passport
  4. Enter other names as they appear on your ID or Passport Enter your ID or Passport Number then Press OK
  5. Select ‘Yes’  if you have an account with Cooperative Bank
  6. Accept the MCo-op Cash terms and conditions and finish your registration

An SMS with your pin will be sent to your phone indicating that you have been partially registered. Another SMS will follow shortly confirming you are fully registered.

You will then need to deposit some money into your Mco-op cash to activate the mobile bank account.

You may need to visit your nearest co-operative bank branch if you want to link you Mco-op cash to your savings, business, or salary account.

How to Apply for Mco-op Cash Loan

You can apply for an up to 3 months salary advance loan (1,2,3 Flexi) or a 6 months business loan using Co-op bank USSD *667# or mobile App.

With the salary loan, you can borrow between 3,000 to 100,000 shillings instantly without any security required. Furthermore, there is no facilitation fee if you apply through MCo-op Cash.

You need a salary account with the Co-op bank to enjoy the salary advance loan.

Once your salary or business account is linked with Mco-op cash, you can follow these steps to get a loan:

  1. Dial *667# or use the App
  2. Enter your Mco-op Cash PIN
  3. Choose the option Loans
  4. Select Apply Loan
  5. Next choose the type of loan, either Salary Loan or Business plus loan
  6. Follow through with the steps by keying in the amount you want to borrow and select the loan duration
  7. Confirm your details are correct and finish.

After a short while, you will receive a message confirming that the loan amount you applied for has been deposited into your Mco-op cash account.

Mco-op Cash Rates and Charges

Mco-op cash charges a one-off fee of 8% on the Salary Advance Flexi loan and distributes the monthly installments equally to the period chosen. The Business Plus loan carries a monthly commission at a rate of 1.083%.

Business Plus Loan

  • MCo-opCash Business plus Loan is available to Co-operative bank’s customers who have been operating a Co-op Bank business account for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Your business account should be linked with Mco-op Cash before you can apply for the loan.
  • You can apply up to Ksh. 500,000 depending on your turnover and CRB score.
  • Upon meeting the qualifications required, you can apply for this loan immediately after you register for Mco-op Cash.
  • You will be charged a one-off appraisal fee of 3% on the loan amount, a monthly commission of 1.083% of the loan amount, and a 20% excise duty of the total commission charged.
  • You can repay the loan by logging into your Mco-op cash account by dialing *667# or through the Mco-op cash app, select Pay Loans and follow through with instructions.
  • You can also repay the loan through the paybill 400200 on any Mpesa number.

Reasons Why Mco-op Cash Loan Application Fails

Your Co-op bank mobile loan may fail to be approved if any of your accounts in Co-op bank is reading negative, you have Mco-op Cash loan arrears or you have a Negative CRB score.

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